Do you suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder?

Many netizens are finding it harder and harder to stay away from social networking sites and experts have figures like around 350 million users suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).

You won’t find FAD in any medical text book but this is true. More than half of Facebook’s total membership log on at least once in a day.

You might be thinking that I don’t have FAD and this is all rubbish. “AllFacebook” posted an interesting set of questions to examine whether you are Facebookaholic



1. Instead of looking for coffee first in the morning, do you instead start your day with your laptop — or your smartphone — in order to log on to Facebook?

2. Do you find yourself fantasizing about composing that next great Facebook status update every time you and your partner are in the throes of romance?

3. Has your child’s preschool teacher issued you a final warning because of far too many late pickups which is attributed to your inability to tear away from a Facebook page?

4. Do your Facebook friends have to know every time you go to the bathroom and what you’ve produced?

5.  Is your only mode of communication with your husband or kids via Facebook?

6.  Have you enrolled in a costly photography course so that your Facebook pics become the talk of your circle?

7.  Have you resorted to paying off strangers to become your Facebook friend so that your number defies all logic?

8. Do you retain the services of a private investigator whenever you fail to find a long lost friend on Facebook?

9. Whenever you fight with your significant other do you feel compelled to change your Facebook relationship status?

10.  Did you quit your job because your employer put a halt on all internet activities within the company?

11.  Has your Facebook addiction resulted in your resembling one of the “Twilight” vampires because you haven’t seen the light of day since the year of the flood?

12.  Have you become a mute since you no longer have to use speech to communicate on Facebook?

13.  Have you had your eyelids Crazy Glued to remain wide open, so that sleep never sets in to interrupt your Facebook time?  Or better yet, do you keep smelling salts next to you at all times as you peck away on your computer?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of the above questions, you definitely have FAD!