Do Not Click “First Exposure: Apple iPhone 5” Facebook Links

Facebook is always in news for its spams, click hijacks, like hijacks. rumours. cosmoGeek instantly alerted its users in the past to get rid from these accidental clicks.

Now, a new scam is making the rounds, asking victims with promises of news about Apple’s iPhone 5.




Here is how it starts. You see in your news feed that one of your friends commented on an article titled “First Exposure: Apple iPhone 5.” Because your friend commented on it and you really want to know about this iPhone 5, you click on the link as well.

You are then directed to a domain ending in .info, where you are asked to enter a captcha code to prove you are human. After verifying that you are not a human, a message is posted directly to your wall, notifying your friends that you have commented on the story. During the process, you are asked to fill some surveys to win some prizes (this is how the spammer gets the money!).


This is how a typical news feed item looks –



This typical link clicking is known as ‘clickjacking’ and it is not as dangerous as a virus or scam, but still it acts on your behalf without your consent.