“Facebook Messaging” – The Next Generation Email System and Email Killer

This is not an “Email Killer” – Mark Zuckerberg emphasized at the Massive Messaging Facebook event, which is happening now. Today, Facebook announced the next … [Read more...]

Facebook launching Web Email Client?

Is Facebook launching a web-based Email Client? According to TechCrunch, Facebook may introduce it on its Monday’s special event.     This full … [Read more...]

Facebook “Unlike” Button comes to Pages Feed

This is not the “Unlike” button you are waiting for status updates! Rather, Facebook added an “Unlike Page” button for Pages feed.It has made dramatically … [Read more...]

Search Facebook in Real-Time using ‘FbInstant’

We already know how Google changed the search experience using Google Instant where you type keywords on your search and you get the results displayed while you … [Read more...]

Farmville and Foursquare Among 50 Worst Inventions

According to TIME’s list, Farmville and Foursquare are among the world’s 50 worst inventions.     The list of “the world’s bright ideas that just … [Read more...]

Facebook Launches ‘Friendship Pages’

Facebook is now allowing you to document all of your interactions on the network with particular friends on designated pages called ‘Friendship Pages,’ the … [Read more...]

Wikipedia to open office in India

Image via Wikipedia The owner of the online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, plans to open an office in India, first office outside the US, says Wikimedia … [Read more...]

Say Bye-bye to Orkut

Say cheerio to Orkut finally! You can now update your Orkut status directly from Facebook. Keep in touch and connect your friends on Orkut by updating them with … [Read more...]

Bing “Likes” Facebook

Microsoft has announced that Bing will partner with Facebook to deliver personalized search results based on your social network. Bing will enable a great … [Read more...]

Facebook introduced new version of Groups and two more new features.

Last night, I’ve covered live updates of Facebook event in cosmoGeek’s Facebook fan page and as well as on my Twitter account. To summarize, Facebook yesterday … [Read more...]