500 New Features in Windows Phone 7 Mango

Microsoft yesterday provided the first look of the next release of Windows Phone code named “Mango” bringing 500 new features. This update will be available … [Read more...]

Confirmed! Microsoft Bought Skype for $8.5 Billion

Its confirmed now! After Wall Street Journal’s report, All Things Digital has now confirmed that Microsoft just bought Skype for a huge amount of $8.5 billion. … [Read more...]

Developers, Developers, Developers By Steve Ballmer

Do you remember Steve Ballmer toning ‘Developers, Developers, Developers…’ which had set the Internet surprise! Ballmer is quite passionate about technology and … [Read more...]

Microsoft Launched Business Intelligence Labs

In addition to Microsoft series of many labs (Office Labs, Fused Labs, Dev Labs…), it now added Business Intelligence (BI) Labs to it. These labs are meant for … [Read more...]

Microsoft to Increase Prices for Certifications Exams

Effective July 1, 2011, Microsoft has decided to increase retail price of its Certifications Exams. The price increase will vary from country to country and in … [Read more...]

Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 Coming on May 25

The much awaited popular iOS and Android platform game Angry Birds is coming now on Windows Phone 7. The news is revealed at the on-going MIX 2011 event. … [Read more...]

How To Type Indian Rupee (₹) Symbol in Windows

Microsoft has released an update recently to support the new currency symbol for the Indian Symbol for Windows. Indian government has approved a standard … [Read more...]

Firefox 4 Set to Release on March 22

Mozilla has set a release date for the next iteration of its popular open-source browser Firefox 4 on March 22, unless there is a show-stopping bug.   … [Read more...]

Zune is not dead, it’s an iTunes killer

Microsoft has finally killed off the Zune players because of its demand and instead will shift its focus to other devices and software. Zune is a Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Windows 8 can be Installed in 8 Minutes, Restores in 2 Minutes

A Chinese site Win7China today managed to get hold of a few screenshots of Microsoft’s next operating system (popularly known as Windows 8) as well as some … [Read more...]