Microsoft Refunds to Azure Leap Day Bug Customers And Drops Pricing

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New Patent Shows Google May Bring Android OS To Desktops

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Microsoft Officially Confirmed New Windows Logo

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Breaking: Microsoft India Store Has Been Hacked. Passwords In Plain Text Format Exposed [Update]

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Microsoft Announced Kinect Sensor for Windows

At CES 2012 Microsoft’s keynote that was completed a while ago, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced this new device – Kinect Sensor for Windows. The product … [Read more...]

15 Years of Microsoft Pogo Remix – CES 2012

This auto tuned Microsoft’s history Pogo remix video which was played at CES 2012 today is definitely a fresh beat and worth watch! It is a 15 years of … [Read more...]

Majel: Google’s Response to Siri? Early 2012 Release?

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Windows Phone 7 Gets Its Own Cydia Like Store – Bazaar [How To Guide]

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Silverlight 5 Available for Download. This Could Be The Last Version

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Bill Gates Coming Back To Microsoft? Investors Not Happy With Steve Ballmer?

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