Microsoft Announced Windows 8 Editions. Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT.

Microsoft has just announced the final Windows 8 editions that are going to be released in the consumer market. In the official announcement on Windows Team … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Officially Renamed As ‘Refresh’

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system after Mango 7.1 is officially renamed as ‘Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh’ – according to the head of … [Read more...]

Microsoft Refunds to Azure Leap Day Bug Customers And Drops Pricing

Microsoft announced that it will provide a credit to all current Windows Azure customers in response to a system outage due to February 29 leap day bug. The … [Read more...]

New Patent Shows Google May Bring Android OS To Desktops

May be, in the future, your Android smartphone could run the same apps on your Google powered computer too. A recent patent filing by Google shows the tech … [Read more...]

Microsoft Officially Confirmed New Windows Logo

Microsoft changed its Windows Logo, an inspired design from its new Metro interface. A day after Apple unveiled its next operating system Mountain Lion, … [Read more...]

Breaking: Microsoft India Store Has Been Hacked. Passwords In Plain Text Format Exposed [Update]

Well, this is huge! Microsoft’s India online store website has been hacked and all user information which was stored in plain text format without any encryption … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announced Kinect Sensor for Windows

At CES 2012 Microsoft’s keynote that was completed a while ago, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced this new device – Kinect Sensor for Windows. The product … [Read more...]

15 Years of Microsoft Pogo Remix – CES 2012

This auto tuned Microsoft’s history Pogo remix video which was played at CES 2012 today is definitely a fresh beat and worth watch! It is a 15 years of … [Read more...]

Majel: Google’s Response to Siri? Early 2012 Release?

Since Apple’s iPhone 4S launch, everyone has been talking about one awesome feature: Siri. This feature was the first of its real kind of piece of software … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Gets Its Own Cydia Like Store – Bazaar [How To Guide]

Microsoft is doing decently good with their recently launched Windows Phone 7.5 platform. I had a chance to test some of its exciting features on Samsung Focus … [Read more...]