Windows 8 Release Preview Is Now Available For Download

Windows 8 Release Preview which was originally planned for the first week of June  is now available for download. This is not the final version and I would … [Read more...]

Forbes: 5 CEOs Who Should Have Already Been Fired. Steve Ballmer Is First In The List

  Forbes listed 5 CEOs that deserve being fired. In that list, Microsoft  CEO Steve Ballmer is the "worst CEO of a large publicly traded American … [Read more...]

How To Get 25GB Free Space From SkyDrive [Limited Loyalty Offer]

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Google Drive or Microsoft SkyDrive or Dropbox? Which is Right for Me?

  Its cloud storage everywhere! You have your files, pictures, videos on your home or office computer that you would like to access from other locations … [Read more...]

Official Skype App For Windows Phone Is No Longer Beta. Download Now!

  The long awaited video calling app, Skype for Windows Phone is now available on the Marketplace as version 1.0.  This official app was first released … [Read more...]

These Guys Are Making Around $1400 A Day On A Single Windows Phone 7 Game

  This is a great success story of a four group of people (?) formed as FourBros Studio LLC who developed a free Windows Phone 7 game - Taptitude. The … [Read more...]

Microsoft Confirmed ‘Windows Server 2012’ As The Next Server OS Name

  Microsoft just announced that the official product name for its next server operating system as Windows Server 2012. This is the next release after … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announced Windows 8 Editions. Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT.

Microsoft has just announced the final Windows 8 editions that are going to be released in the consumer market. In the official announcement on Windows Team … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Officially Renamed As ‘Refresh’

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system after Mango 7.1 is officially renamed as ‘Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh’ – according to the head of … [Read more...]

Microsoft Refunds to Azure Leap Day Bug Customers And Drops Pricing

Microsoft announced that it will provide a credit to all current Windows Azure customers in response to a system outage due to February 29 leap day bug. The … [Read more...]