Google Unveils Nexus S Smartphone with Gingerbread

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The Wait is Over – Samsung Galaxy S gets Official Android 2.2 Update in India

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“Facebook Messaging” – The Next Generation Email System and Email Killer

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Your Google Apps Account is Changing

Google is about to make more of its services available to organizations with Google Apps accounts. This is an early adopter phase, and all domains may not get … [Read more...]

iPhone Users Are Girls [Comic]

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Search Your Favourite App across all Platforms at one place

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Search Facebook in Real-Time using ‘FbInstant’

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Say Bye-bye to Orkut

Say cheerio to Orkut finally! You can now update your Orkut status directly from Facebook. Keep in touch and connect your friends on Orkut by updating them with … [Read more...]

“Google Music”–Indian Music Search

Google launched a music service in India to help users search for legal online streams and downloads, a move aimed at combating rampant digital piracy that has … [Read more...]

Next Android Release 4.0 To Be Called ‘Ice Cream’

According to Forbes, the codename for Google’s 4.0 firmware of the Android operating system will be codenamed “Ice Cream”, following the alphabetical naming … [Read more...]