Google Removed 21 Malware Apps. Remotely Removing from Affected Android Devices

Last week, the Android team was made aware of a number of malicious applications published to Android Market. Within minutes of becoming aware, they removed the … [Read more...]

Apple Announces iPad 2 – Thinner. Lighter. Faster.

The wait is over. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is taking a leave absence from the company, returned to unveil the new product iPad 2 at the Yerba Buena Center in … [Read more...]

Young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Nothing special about this post. Just sharing a classic picture of the legends.     A short description from Wikipedia: Steven Paul Jobs … [Read more...]

“Google Recipe” Now Teaches You Cooking!

As a computer geek, I prefer to work with complex gadgets and problems, but when somebody talks about ‘cooking’ which I never tried till now – thanks to Google … [Read more...]

Google: Microsoft Is Cheating and Copying Our Search Results

Google set up a sting operation (!) in an attempt to catch Microsoft red-handed stealing their search results in Bing. Interestingly, Bing doesn’t deny this … [Read more...]

Print From Anywhere Using Google Cloud Print

The future looks great on paper! Cloud is now becoming reality. You can now print from anywhere using Google Cloud Print. Google blew the lid off of Chrome OS … [Read more...]

Is the iPod Really That Much Greater than a Regular MP3 Player?

It might sound like blasphemy for the Apple diehards out there, but in the world of MP3 players, the ability to play a lot of songs isn’t that innovative of a … [Read more...]

Top 50 Passwords You Should Never Use

Are you one of the many people who is using a dangerously easy-to-guess password? Change your password before its too late! Twitter, LinkedIn, World of … [Read more...]

Happy 25th Birthday Windows!

Microsoft Windows completes 25 years today. On November 20, 1985, the first version Windows 1.0 was released. Can you recall how Windows 1.0 looked like? To be … [Read more...]

“Facebook Messaging” – The Next Generation Email System and Email Killer

This is not an “Email Killer” – Mark Zuckerberg emphasized at the Massive Messaging Facebook event, which is happening now. Today, Facebook announced the next … [Read more...]