Oh, by the way: iOS 4 is now available

In the off chance that you're not already running the new iPhone firmware update, Apple has released iOS4 to the public for free download. iPhone iOS 4.0 is now … [Read more...]

iPhone 4 Keynote Video by Steve Jobs on YouTube

For those of you who couldn’t find enough information of Steve Job’s keynote at WWDC 2010 on iPhone4 – Apple has uploaded the entire keynote address on both … [Read more...]

We Love Apple – Adobe

Adobe is thinking different countering Apple’s hate with love. This blog readers already knew that Steve Jobs announced in the past of removing Flash support … [Read more...]

Apple developing Flash alternative named Gianduia

As Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight duke it out over their plugin-based, HTML-alternative web platforms, Apple is using Gianduia, its new a client-side, … [Read more...]

Visa to Launch Contactless Mobile Payments for iPhone

Want to pay for purchases by waving your iPhone in front of a payment terminal at checkout? That will soon be a reality thanks to a new partnership between Visa … [Read more...]

Apple sells over 1 Million iPads and still Counting!

Apple has just unveiled some statistics that suggest iPad is definitely the people favorite gadget. The Cupertinos have managed to sell more than 1 million … [Read more...]

We are removing Flash support from Apple products – Steve Jobs

Today, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has taken time to write a post about why Apple doesn’t like Adobe Flash. And why Apple doesn’t support it in new products. And … [Read more...]

Leaked Images of the New 4th Generation iPhone HD

Folks over at MacRumors have been tipped with images of what appears to be the the 4th Generation iPhone HD. Interestingly! the images reveal that there is no … [Read more...]

Apple to Launch to iPhone 4G on Verizon this Summer

The "iPhone on Verizon" topic is hardly new at all. Earlier this year analysts predicted that AT&T may lose exclusive deal for the iPhone with … [Read more...]

Sprint Launches HTC Evo 4G Android Phone

Sprint announced the first ever 4G phone, HTC Evo 4G, with a massive 4.3’ display, 8mp camera with the capability of 720p video and WimMax as its 4g technology. … [Read more...]