Buy iPad 2 in India at Rs. 36,500

The Apple iPad 2 is officially available in India. No its not via Apple’s Store.     Apple started shipping iPad 2 from March 11 in US and from … [Read more...]

Zune is not dead, it’s an iTunes killer

Microsoft has finally killed off the Zune players because of its demand and instead will shift its focus to other devices and software. Zune is a Microsoft’s … [Read more...]

Bad News About iPhone 4 Unlock

If you are one of those unlockers patiently waiting for an unlock for iPhone 4 other than baseband 01.59.00, here is some bad news for you.     … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 to Ditch iPhone 4’s Glass Back Design?

A new rumour floating on Cupertino’s (read Apple) world. Apple will abandon the glass back design it introduced with the iPhone 4, and replace it with a new … [Read more...]

iOS 4.3 To Be Released on March 11. Good News to Unlockers and Jailbreakers?

Alongside the iPad 2 announcement yesterday, Apple said that it will rolling out iOS 4.3 to all its iPhones, iPods, iPads from March 11, 2011.The major updates … [Read more...]

Apple Announces iPad 2 – Thinner. Lighter. Faster.

The wait is over. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who is taking a leave absence from the company, returned to unveil the new product iPad 2 at the Yerba Buena Center in … [Read more...]

Young Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Nothing special about this post. Just sharing a classic picture of the legends.     A short description from Wikipedia: Steven Paul Jobs … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs Has "6 Weeks to Live," Says the National Enquirer

A tabloid has claimed that Apple founder, Steve Jobs, is stricken with pancreatic cancer and may have just six weeks to live.  The National Enquirer has … [Read more...]

Print From Anywhere Using Google Cloud Print

The future looks great on paper! Cloud is now becoming reality. You can now print from anywhere using Google Cloud Print. Google blew the lid off of Chrome OS … [Read more...]

Apple to Launch iPad in India on Jan 28

Just when almost every Indian who ever aspired to buy the iPad officially in India had given up the hope and gone for the grey market route, at last, Apple … [Read more...]