Bill Gates On India, China, Philanthropy, Technology and More

In this recent interview for Bloomberg’s Charlie Rose, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talks quite a bit about India, China relative to technology, Philanthropy, Technology industry, how US Politics slow down innovation and much more.

Its worth to spend around one hour of your time watching this video which was aired in the first week of July on Bloomberg’s network.

The interview starts with an intro of Bill Gates on his latest visit to India, what differs India from China relative to technology and his opinion of where each excels, etc. I have listed out some interesting from the video below:

  1. The first half is more about Foundation, India and China.
  2. He thinks China is far ahead than India relative to technology.
  3. There are two big jealousies in India – India is jealous of China and India is jealous among states inside.
  4. Both the countries benefited a lot from West, especially the US.
  5. Corruption is more in India, can overcome if we implement digital currency everywhere.
  6. Aziz Premji is doing great as a Philanthropist. India require more people like him.
  7. Steve Jobs did better than he did when he introduced iPad. Microsoft did not follow Apple model of software/hardware integration when they introduced tablet PC before iPad.
  8. Microsoft has something with the new Surface that could change the rules again with a single entity of PC and tablet worlds.
  9. Apple may have to make Surface like device in future.
  10. Politics slow down innovation.

Here is a clipping from the interview and head over to the official Bloomberg network link for full video.