Bill Gates Coming Back To Microsoft? Investors Not Happy With Steve Ballmer?

Is the founder and Chairman of Redmond giant Microsoft coming to the company he founded? This news could be true soon if investor gossip is considered by board of members.




According to a report on CNN Money, the company’s stock price has been a thorn in Steve Ballmer’s side for a decade. At the end of 1999, in Bill Gates period, shares were at almost $60. When Steve Ballmer took over in 2000, the share price dropped to $25.

“"There’s a lot of frustration among investors with Steve Ballmer," added Ed Maguire of CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets. "Some is merited, some may not be. But there’s certainly a perception that Ballmer is responsible for the under-performance of the stock."

A return of the founder would undoubtedly boost morale among investors. Do you agree?