‘Battery Usage’ Overlap With ‘Manage Storage’ in iOS 5. UI Bug [Video]

Apple is remarkable and popular to its minute design tweaks and improvements in terms of graphics and calligraphy. Today, I noticed a weird text overlap on my iPhone 4S running iOS 5.

Before you watch the video to reproduce on your devices, here is the screenshot of the bug:




Actual UI of this screen should look this:




If you carefully observe above two screenshots, the ‘Battery Usage’ is overlapped with ‘Manage Storage’ and the iCloud description is also repeated twice in the first screenshot.

I managed to reproduce this UI bug in my 16 GB black iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, W-Fi (Settings > Wi-Fi) and Cellular Data (Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data) turned OFF; iCloud configured.

To reproduce this bug on your devices, go to Usage (Settings > Usage). While your iPhone calculating the storage of all the apps, scroll up your screen over and over until it displays all the usage. That’s it!

I’ve captured a short video of this UI bug:



Are you able to reproduce this bug in any of your other devices (either iPhone 4 or iPod touch) apart from iPhone 4S ?