AT&T Drops iPhone 3GS to $9 and $0.01

AT&T has started offering the 8GB iPhone 3GS as a refurb for just $9. The terms and conditions of a 2-year contract is sill applicable. On the other hand, new devices are still on sale.




Refurbished phones are previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period. Each refurbished phone is independently quality tested and loaded with the latest software to meet current factory standards. Some refurbished iPhone 3G devices will have minor scratches.

Additionally, AT&T is also offering refurbished devices with cosmetic blemishes for just $0.01. These devices with cosmetic blemishes have noticeable blemishes that do not impair device operability. They may include minor scratches, scuffing, pitting, dings and dents.

From past few days, Apple has been giving clues of an upcoming iPhone update that would phase out the iPhone 3GS model. Purchasing this two year old mobile hardwire device at this time does not make any sense with speculations of all new iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 coming this August or September. Most likely, iPhone 4 will see a price drop to $99 from next month.


If you are still interested in buying these models, follow this link.