Airbags For iPhone: It’s Worth Every Penny

The recent drop test conducted by Apple for iPhones proved that these devices are pretty delicate as compared to the other Smartphones in the market. The drop test conducted on iPhone proved the fact that the glass cover easily breaks once the device falls down. However, Apple has embarked with an interesting kind of solution by introducing a new airbag for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. This bag will assure a right kind of safety to these named devices. Besides, the company is also seen taking measures to work on the durability factor of these products. By this move the company is leaving no stone unturned to allow the consumers to opt the rival Smartphones.


Digging deep into the Airbags
  Apple described this new airbags for the Smartphone as “micro-inflatable bladder”, in their recent patent filled for the product. According to the company, the bag will be located between the body of the iPhone and the glass cover. Thus giving an extra support in terms of protection the moment the device falls on the ground or gets a shock. If you see the device falling on a dangerous rapid course toward the floor, an inbuilt accelerometer is going to gauge the fall and within a spur of the moment will determine the mount to inflate with the help of some special liquid or simply with the air.

182533-2-iphone-airbags-setThe durability factor
Talking about the durability factor, Apple has plans to use durable kind of material for the glass cover of the device to make it crack resistant. Thus these glasses will be manufactured with materials like the Alumino-Silicate glass which are also called as Gorilla Glass and the other strong material which are good in terms of thermal and resistant shocks. These materials can include Sodalime and borosilicate. Besides these glass material, Apple is planning to use a more durable kind of bodies for the devices like iPhones and iPad. These devices will be stronger than the existing devices with the help of special seal which will be used to avoid any kind of water damage.

Apple’s beneficial move
Apple’s investment in this area can be beneficial in many ways. Users who started preferring the durable rival Smartphone devices owing to vulnerability aspect will certainly have strong reasons to return to iPhones. Moreover, the company also suffered the legal sue from Donald LeBuhn made early this year. LeBuhn complained about the iPhone 4 qnecthe glass which injured his daughter when she dropped his phone on the ground. LeBuhn claimed in his statement that he never had issues with this previous iPhone 3GS with the similar kind of device fall. He further called this device as a worst of its kind from Apple since it hardly gives any kind of warning or words of caution to the consumers using them in this regard.

Considering the consumers’ concern over the vulnerability aspect of the iPhone, Apple seems to have finally embarked with a substantial solution. Henceforth the products the company would launch in the coming future will assure a better durability factor. And airbags for iPhone or iPad is a right kind of solution from Apple giving extra protection to high end phones like the iPhones. With these moves the company is looking forward to bring back its lost customers who were seen shifting to the rival groups for better durability.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who is has a fetish for tech stuff. She also happens to be a car lover and is a big fan of hybrid cars. Her dream machine is Lotus evora which she dreams of buying one day.