53% of Indians Have Been Victims of Mobile Phone Loss or Theft

Mobile phones today have become an essential tool in our everyday life as our primary way to communicate, work, share and collaborate.

A survey conducted by Symantec (a security product and solutions provider) stated that 53% of adults in India have fallen victim to mobile phone loss or theft, but despite that, only two in five Indians currently have a password protecting their devices.




“The survey results are clear: mobile phone loss and theft is a significant issue for Indians today,” says Gaurav Kanwal, Country Sales Manager, India, Consumer Products and Solutions, Symantec.

Some interesting facts from the survey:

Indians have their phones lost or stolen 1.5 times every five years on average.

77% of victims considered the loss of contact information the worst part of the experience and also a huge inconvenience.

‘Anger’ was the single most dominant feeling expressed by victims of mobile theft.

74% could neither remotely lock nor wipe the phone’s memory after it was lost or stolen.

82% finds the process of resolving the situation difficult; 90% finds the experience stressful.

More than half of the victims said that they were willing to pay a ransom (an average of Rs. 3,692) to resolve the situation, but in reality they pay up to three times the price.

3 in 10 Indians said that the situation was never resolved.

Sources: CIOL