5 Basic Steps to Secure Your iPhone/iPod Touch

As smartphones become more and more like personal digital wallets, its common for them to contain secure things like account numbers, addresses, bank statements and in some cases passwords (never do this!).

Think for a moment about the information you’ve stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch and fallen into the wrong hands.




The following basic 5 steps will allow to secure your iPhone or iPod Touch from theft or fraud –

  1. Lock Your Phone: The most basic security precaution you can take is to make sure that your iPhone is using a passcode lock. To set up a passcode lock on the iPhone, open the "Settings" application, and click on General > Passcode Lock.
  2. Hard to Guess Passcode: The newer iOS version supports ‘Simple Passcode’ which is usually a 4 digit PIN. Turn this simple passcode setting off and set a complex passcode to a longer series of numbers.
  3. Limit the maximum number of unlock attempts: Take the advantage of the setting ‘Erase Data’. Turning it on tells the iPhone to completely wipe the content of the device if 10 failed attempts to unlock the iPhone are recorded.
  4. Configure Find My iPhone service: "Find My iPhone" is available for free to any iOS device owner using their Apple ID. Find my iPhone allows you to login to the portal at http://me.com and locate an iPhone that has gone missing. From that same site, you can also choose to have a message sent that will display on the phone, you can force an audible alarm to play, or you can completely wipe the device data making sure that your personal information is completely inaccessible.
  5. Physical Lock: Sounds silly? Check out this video.